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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cricut Imagine: The Stockings Were Hung

"The Stocking's were hung by the Chimney with care..."

I first saw this idea on Tethered 2 Home website on the Nov. 10, 2010 post.  I liked it and followed the path to see how the card was made, but the template for $4.  Now I will pay for templates but for this $4 was more than I was willing to spend.  Upon careful examination of the card I decided I could make it on my Cricut Imagine .

Carts used:  CI Snow Angel, CI Lori's Garden, CI Imagine More, REG Cart Going Places. CI rounded square shape, Wild Cards.

Fireplace:  Wild Cards Box on Shadow feature so that there is no cut out>fill to fit>filled in with pattern from Lori's Garden as it looked like bricks.  Then you are going to use an XACTO knife and cut out the opening your want for your fireplace.  (if you have this shape your could weld it and do it on the G).  Then you will take a piece of black paper and cover the back flap so you have a fireplace.  Fold box and assemble.  I use a scor-pal to score the line, it helps in folding the box.

Wall:  I used the rounded square shape on the CI filled in with a pattern from Imagine More.  It matched the fireplace in color.  Cut t 4.6 rel size.  The adhere to the back of the fireplace so that 2 1/4" stick up to form the wall.

Garland:  Using the Imagine More Cart you will see some boarder looking icons,  I used the first one and did it in layers.  I wanted it to look like garland.  Cut at 1" and fill to fit.  This will give you a tad more than what you need when you adhere it to the fireplace front just trim to fit.

Wreath: Using Imagine More:  I took the Icon with the armadillo on it and put it in layers.  I deleted all the layers but the first one.  I filled it with a Green from the Imagine more Cart and cut it at 2".  I cut two.  I glued the first one to the wall then used foam tape and  put the top piece to give it dimension.  I had some colored sticker balls that I put on the wreath to look like Christmas balls and I used a scrap piece of ribbon in red to give the wreath a bow.

Stocking:  Using Snow Angel, I used the 3 stockings on that cart just like they are cut at rel size 2.  I glued them to the garland on the fireplace and used some little silver dots on the stockings to look like they are nailed to the garland.

Fire:  This is from Going Places. (I used the Gypsy to find this)  it s the camp fire.  I used the shadow feature and cut at 2" using an orange pattern from the Imagine More Cart.  Then cut it regular filling it with the same orange that I used for the wall.  Since this cuts in two pieces, one for the flame and one for the firewood, I just used the flame. 

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think.  Hope this sparks your creativity and gets your thinking about using your carts in different ways  Linda


  1. Linda, Very cute card. I love it!!!!

  2. O that is indeed very cute Linda !

  3. Thanks it was really an easy card to make and I had fun decorating it.

  4. Linda, cute card! Think I might give this a try! Thanks for sharing.

  5. LOVE that you used the Imagine to do your card! It's fantastic!